Florida Fair Elections Coalition is a grassroots election reform organization dedicated to improving Florida’s flawed election laws, policies, and procedures.

Our government is based on a system of checks and balances, and yet there are no checks and balances in elections administration. Elections are an “inside job,” from the certification of the voting machines—which in Florida are certified only by Florida’s Department of State, not by the federal government —through the administration and certification of the election. Even voter complaints are, by law, routed back to the Supervisors of Elections or to the Department of State.

In this closed world of elections administration, there is an attitude among some (not all) legislators, state officials, and local elected officials that citizen observation of elections should be denied whenever possible. Among some (not all) legislators and election officials, there is no understanding that elections, the very foundation of our democracy, belong to the people and must be open to citizen observation; no understanding that our elected election officials are servants of the people; and no understanding that openness and transparency are vital to ensuring fair and accurate elections.

Through our long-term commitment to fair, open, and accurate elections, Florida Fair Elections has already made a difference: In election procedures and implementation of new election laws, in the prevention of laws that violate basic voter rights, and in the raising of citizen awareness throughout our state.

We hope you will browse our website to read our investigative reports, watch videos related to Florida elections, participate in our Action Alerts, read up-to-date election news, get information about upcoming events, and learn what YOU can do to help ensure fair, accurate, accessible, and transparent elections in your county and throughout Florida.



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