Why the DS200 Should Not Be Certified

by Mary K. Garber
FFEC Research Director

This short report summarizes the findings from our 2009 report on excessive overvoting on the DS200 in Florida's 2008 presidential election and recommends immediate changes to avoid massive voter disenfranchisement again in 2010.

Examining Florida's High Invalid Vote Rate in the 2008 General Election
Part I:  How Voting System Design Flaws Led to Lost Votes

by Mary K. Garber
Research Director

Sarasota's Vanished Votes (An Investigation into the Cause of Uncounted Votes in the 2006 Congressional District 13 Race in Sarasota County, Florida
A report on flaws in the ES&S iVotronic voting system
by Susan Pynchon and Kitty Garber

Lost Votes on the ES&S iVotronics in Florida’s 2006 election
by Kitty Garber
Part I
Part II

The Hursti Hack and its Importance to Our Nation
by Susan Pynchon

Florida Improperly Certified the Diebold TSX
by Susan Pynchon

A Crazy Way to Run an Election
by Susan Pynchon

The Truth About Diebold
by Susan Pynchon




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