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PRESS RELEASE - July 2, 2017
FFEC Opposes Request to States for Private Voter Data

In solidarity with other election integrity and voting rights organizations across the nation, Florida Fair Elections Coalition (FFEC) strongly opposes the Trump administration’s request to the states for personal data on American voters beyond what is already publicly available.

We further object to the apparent purpose for which this information is being sought—the pursuit of baseless claims of voter fraud that only serve as pretexts for erecting new barriers to voter registration and participation.  As Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach, who made the request for the newly created Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, has a long history of making false claims about the prevalence of voter fraud in order to justify restrictions on registration and voting that many believe have disenfranchised thousands of Kansans.

Finally, we are concerned that the aggregation of state voter database records by an arm of the Federal executive branch could pose risks not only to the private data of individuals but to the security of our entire electoral system. (Read full text.)

NEWS - June 1, 2012

DOJ Letter Tells Florida to Stop Illegal Voter Purge (read letter here)



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